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The Hauser Law Firm, PLLC helps settle disputes

If you’re involved in a dispute that seeks monetary damages instead of criminal charges, talk with a civil litigation attorney. The Hauser Law Firm, PLLC handles civil litigation in the Apex and Holly Springs, North Carolina area. Many times these situations are handled through negotiations that end is reasonable settlements.

In many cases, disputes arise in business or personal matters. Attorney Hauser will help you dig in to find out the potential damages with your case that involves:

  • Written or oral contract disputes
  • Lease disagreements
  • Property liens

There are legitimate issues you may have that don’t justify the expense of hiring a lawyer. In most of attorney Hauser’s cases, he’s working on claims outside of small claims court.

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Get help through every step of your case

Get help through every step of your case

Attorney Hauser will spend time determining the potential outcome of your case. If it looks like it requires a lengthy conversation, he’ll set up an appointment and receive a consultation fee. No one wants to waste any time or money on a civil litigation case that doesn’t make financial sense.

Most civil litigation cases require a retainer based on the potential recovery from your insurance claim. Many legal situations require 18 months to go to court and reach a resolution.

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